Watermelon is one of the refreshing fruits because much water content in. However, beside it, there is a magical benefit of watermelon for skin care. So what are the benefits of watermelon fruit?

As quoted from the site Allwomenstalk, Thursday (08/10/2017), The benefits of using watermelon for skin care.

1. Cleaning The Face

You can use watermelon juice to clean your face. Watermelon use to get rid of toxins from the body so it looks cleaner and luminous.

2. Eliminate Oily Skin

Watermelon is a right thing used as a facial treatment for the people who have oily skin. Watermelon can help control oil levels in the skin. Use watermelon that has been mashed. Do it every night for a satisfactory result.

3. Moisturize

Watermelon is the most powerful natural moisturizer. Water content in watermelon helps keep your skin shining and fresh at all times.

4. Anti Aging

Watermelon fruit is much in lycopene, vitamins A, and C, helps to avoid free radicals that are the main cause of the appearance of acne and wrinkles in the skin. You can mix watermelon with a teaspoon of honey and apply it to your face just before going to bed. Let a few moments then wash it.

5. Relaxation Of The Skin

After all the activity, the skin still needs rest. You can use watermelon juice. Apply thin on the entire face and leave for 5-10 minutes. When it dry, wash your face to clean it.

6. Relieves Acne

For those of you who have problems with acne, watermelon is the right fruits to ease it. Watermelon juice can provide a relaxing effect on acne prone skin.

Watermelon is also a skin care acne is safe to use every day. Apply on your face using cotton. Allow up to 15 minutes, then wash it next. This skin care way will make your acne improve.