Nuts can be a healthy snack of origin eaten in the right way. Two of them are eaten raw or roasted.

Lately, many people believe that eating raw nuts (raw nuts) is a small step to gain longevity.

That opinion tends to be true, but you need to know that not all types of nuts can deserve to be eaten raw. Therefore, there are several types of nuts that should be baked first.

As quoted from the site Boldsky, Wednesday (08/30/2017), some types of nuts that can be eaten raw are cashew, pistacio, almonds, peanuts, and walnuts.
All types of these nuts contain all the nutrients your body needs for a balanced, nutritious, and healthy diet.

Eating the right nuts can help prevent cancer, build muscle, and boost immunity. In addition, many experts believe that omega 3 fatty acids in raw nuts will work optimally in our bodies.

The Content in peanuts such as vitamin E and carotinoids will not disappear if we eat it rawly. All the ingredients will be lost if the nuts are baked.