Cat Leaf Whisker is a kind of medicinal plant that is always found in traditional medicine garden. This is caused by the benefits of cat leaf whiskers are very much to support the health of the body. Mustache cat itself is a plant that can be regarded as a typical Indonesian plant. Therefore, getting a cat's whiskers is also very easy especially when you plant it yourself because this type of plant is otherwise rather difficult to find in the market.

The Benefits of Cat Leaf Whisker For Healing

The leaves of cat's whiskers and their benefits are part of the information that must be known if you have some type of disease. Some of which are even understood by traditionalists such as cough disease, constipation, lumbago disease, or inflammatory diseases.

Of course the benefits of cat's whiskers to treat such trivial diseases are still important to know especially because although trivial but the diseases are quite disturbing.

In addition, the benefits of cat whiskers can also be taken to treat some diseases that are classified as heavy. One of them for example kidney stone disease. How to make the recipe is to boil a few leaves of a cat whiskers and then drink it regularly.

The usual dose is every time you drink one glass. The dose should be taken at least twice a day. Since the cat's whiskers as the other traditional medicinal plants have no side effects, the cat's whiskers can be drunk with more doses than usual.

In addition, for women, the benefits of cat's whiskers will also be very helpful especially when they experience vaginal discharge. How to make the recipe is to boil the leaves of cat whiskers mixed with some other ingredients.

Some other materials such as leaves beluntas, black cumin, and cubeb. The mixture of these ingredients is then boiled together with the leaves of a cat's whiskers to benefit the health of the cat's whiskers, especially in the healing discharge which is very troublesome.