Betel leaf is a very popular part of traditional medicine. Almost all traditions of traditional medicine in Indonesia recognize the usefulness of betel leaf. There are many benefits of betel leaf stew that you can take.

Therefore, it is important to know various aspects related to the use of betel leaf as part of traditional medicine to get the benefits of drinking betel leaf stew. Basically it can be said that using boiling technique is the safest way although in some areas found a way to chew it.

Some Benefits of Betel leaf Stew

Compared with various other medicinal plants, the benefits of betel leaf stew can be said more. You can for example use boiled water betel leaf to treat leucorrhoea. For women, vaginal discharge is a very unpleasant condition because it can cause unpleasant odor and also itching.

How to use recipe boiled betel leaves is boiling until boiling then use boiled water to wash the pubic area. It must be done repeatedly to get results that are in line with expectations.

One of the most popular diseases in modern times is syphilis. This disease is very difficult to treat using modern medicine. To treat it you can use traditional medicine system that is by using water of betel leaf stew. To get the benefits of betel leaf stew this one, you just boil the betel leaf and drink boiled water regularly. The best duration to choose is to drink it three times a day within a regular time span.

In addition, the efficacy of betel leaf stew can also be obtained in relation to bronchitis disease. To get the benefits of betel leaf stew this one you live boiling betel leaf mixed with other ingredients. The other material is the rock sugar. To get maximum results, you can drink it twice in one day until healed.