Sweet sour flavors that are offered by orange fruit make it popular. More than that, there are many benefits of this fruit. But exactly, not only the inside of orange is useful, orange peel is also useful.

Orange peel is full of high nutritious compounds that are beneficial to the health of the body. Orange peel contains more than 60 types of flavonoids and more than 170 types of phytonutrients, beside much of pectin, vitamins, minerals and fiber content in it.

Here are the benefits of orange peel that can make you think twice before throwing it away, as quoted from page, The Health Site, Tuesday (1/8/17).

1. Helps To Lose Weight

One of the main reasons why people do not like orange peel is because it tastes bitter. But orange peel turned out to help you lose weight, because it contains fiber in large quantities and low in calories.

Add to your diet and help lower your overall caloric intake, thus helping you lose weight. Orange peels also have an anti-obesity effect by suppressing body weight gain and adipose tissue formation.

2. Relieves breathing problems

The fresh orange peel provides excellent support for respiratory problems and is proven effective for treating asthma. Orange peel provides lung cleansing activity, by playing an important role to repel phlegm.

Orange peel contains high levels of histamine in helping to reduce harmful compounds. In it is also an antioxidant that helps relieve various respiratory complications such as bronchitis, flu, and lung cancer.

3. Whitening Skin Naturally

Vitamin C on orange peel serves as a natural whitening scrub that is effective and safe for the skin. An orange peel extract when applied to the milk can dull stains and dark spots on the skin.

Orange peels also help the skin be protected from harmful sunlight and cleanse the pores naturally.

4. Protect from cancer

Some studies show, increased consumption of orange peel in the diet lowers the risk of cancer, namely skin cancer, breast and colon.

Orange peels offer protection against colon cancer by binding toxic chemicals in food, thus inhibiting exposure to intestinal mucous membranes.

5. Improving Mouth health

Chew the orange peel to remove the smell of mouth naturally. Orange peel is also an effective and inexpensive option to whiten stained teeth and prevent sensitive teeth.

You can rub the inside of an orange peel or apply an orange peel paste on the teeth for natural results.