In the middle of the day, when you are busy, of course there is no time for yoga or meditation. To get a break from the day's activities to get away of stress is impossible.

Don't worry. Although These two ways are powerful and effective to get away of stress, but here is easy way to get away of stress especially when you're busy.

Eat fruit and vegetables regularly

Science says eating more fruits and vegetables is the secret to keep stress levels lower. An Australian study published in BMJ Journals found that eating five up to seven servings of fruits and vegetables each day can lower stress levels until 14 percent in adults, and 23 percent for adult women.

So, other times you start feeling tense and stressed, immediately Eating on the fruit. Or don't wait the stress coming, make sure your days are always filled with lots of fruits and vegetables. Reported Purewow, Tuesday (29/08/2017).