To Get healthy hair and shiny must be everyone's wishes, especially for women. The women who have healthy and shiny hair, must be  gives more confidence to its appearance. Instead of doing hair care in the salon but still not getting the expected results, because sometime hair treatments in the salon can also make the original hair healthy and shiny it becomes dull like not maintained.

Not all products offered for hair care are suitable for any type of scalp and hair. Therefore, doing natural hair care becomes the best choice. Here are some ways to treat hair naturally.

1. Aloe vera and avocado

How to treat natural hair on this one you can use natural ingredients such as aloe vera and avocado. Both natural ingredients can be used as a hair mask, how to mix both aloe and avocado material that has been mashed, then spread evenly on all the hair. To obtain maximum results, you can do this hair care as much as 2-3 weeks.

2. Celery leaf juice

Celery leaves become one of the natural ingredients that is good for treating hair, especially to make hair become softer. how can you make celery leaf juice, then let stand around the night, the next day you can use this celery juice as a natural hair mask by applying the mask evenly and let stand about 10-15 minutes, then rinse with water until clean.

3. Apple cider vinegar and warm water

For those of you who have limp hair problems after shampooing, to be able to make it re-expands can take advantage of apple cider vinegar. How to take care of this one hair is quite easy just by mixing apple cider vinegar with warm water. Mixture of these materials can be used to wet the hair, let stand about 5 minutes then rinse hair until clean.

4. Lemon juice

In addition to lemon juice is good for the health of the body, lemon juice is also good for hair care. This lemon juice can be used to overcome the problem of dull hair. The way is quite easy, after you rinse the last hair when shampooing, you can apply this lemon juice to your hair thoroughly then let stand for about 5-10 minutes and rinse hair back until completely clean.

5. Almond oil

For dry and dull hair problems, it can also make your hair becomes brittle. Therefore, how to overcome it you can use almond oil for the treatment of dry and dull hair. To use it is very easy to use only as a vitamin hair.