Some people, Waking up early to start an activity in the morning is not easy. It was so hard to get out of bed.

If you are a difficult person to wake up in the morning, here are four tricks that can help you wake up in the morning citing as quoted from Everyday Health, Monday (21/08/2017).

1. Before going to bed, plan a wake-up schedule

Return to the night before bed, you need to know how much enough your quantity of sleep . Someone sleeping six hours is enough, but there is also a need of seven hours. Waking up will be easier when it matches the circadian rhythms of the body.

2. When waking up, think of the reason to wake up

You need to know very well the reason to wake up earlier, as quoted of public health experts of University of Michigan, Michelle Segar. For example you need to get up earlier to prepare a family breakfast, exercise for the slimness of a distended bean, or preparing for a meeting later for your work.

3. Open the window, feel the air and the rays of the sun

"Sunlight can make a person's body know that he or she must wake up," says Leon Jack as Flinders University psychologist in Australia.

4. Put the alarm clock more far then you

If the alarm clock button is easily to turned off, it lets you easily get back to sleep. But if the alarm clock is far away, it makes you walk to turn it off.