Having soft and beautiful skin requires extra care. To simplify the treatment you can use some natural ingredients to make the skin more glowing. This way can make your skin more moist and healthy without the chemicals that are usually contained in skin care products.

Then what are the natural ingredients can make your skin look stunning? Launched from the site Allwomenstalk, Wednesday (16/08/2017), there are four natural ingredients that you can use for skin care & beauty.

1. Red Yams
Similar to lemons, red yams (one kind of casava) contain substances that help cleanse the blood and kidneys. Cassava also contains anti-inflammatory that discharges dirty blood out of the body. This can improve your skin condition.

2. Ginger
You can add ginger to your drink, either tea or juice to make your skin healthy and shiny. The content in ginger can cure inflammation like acne on facial skin. In addition, Ginger also contains manga, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins that contain antioxidants that's good to make your skin tighter.

3. Carrots
Beta carotene contained in carrot vegetables can help your skin from aging. The content in this carrot can also balance the production of collagen in the skin. By eating carrots can reduce wrinkles, pimples, and scars on the skin because it works to remove toxins.

4. Lemon
Lemon is good for skin health because the content of vitamin B and vitamin C that helps the skin to be better. The citric acid in it is also beneficial for the beauty of your skin. In addition, lemons can also purify the blood, remove toxins in the body, and clean the kidneys.