In addition to doing some ways of reddening the lips above, you also need to keep your lips healthy to stay bright and not back dark or dull. Here are some tips to keep your lips healthy:

1. Do not often lick your lips with tongue

A glimpse of saliva attached to the tongue as you lick your lips will make your lips look wet, but this is only temporary. If it is dry, saliva will actually make your lips more easily dry and cracked.

2. Avoid smoking

The substance in the cigarette can make your lips wrinkled and change the color becomes darker. Therefore, it is advisable not to smoke.

3. Keep your lips from the sun

Blazing sunlight can make your lips dry and dull quickly. Therefore, you can wear lip balm with SPF 15 to protect your lips.

However, you need to be careful in buying lip balm products. Make sure that the product is free from harmful chemicals such as mercury.

4. Drinking water in sufficient quantities

Drink enough water, at least 8 cups or the equivalent of 1.5 liters a day to keep your body awake from dehydration or lack of fluid characterized by dry lips.

5. Do not use lipstick too often

For your daily activities, it is advisable not to use too much lipstick for long periods of time. You are better advised to use lip balm.

However, if work and conditions require you to wear lipstick every day, choose a safe lipstick product and free from harmful chemicals. In addition, choose a lipstick that has moisture content and high moisture and vitamin E that will help keep your lips healthy.

6. Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits

In addition to applying natural ingredients to the lips, you also need to consume vegetables and fruits, especially those containing vitamin C and vitamin E to keep your skin including your lips skin to stay healthy and bright.

7. Keep your lips always moist

After you spend the day using lipstick, make sure you clean it until no more lipsticks are attached. After that, apply honey or olive oil to keep your lip moisture.

8. Avoid foods that are too spicy and salty

Food that is too spicy and salty can make your lips dry, inflamed and easily cracked. Therefore, you better choose foods that do not have the level of spiciness and extreme salinity.

9. It is not advisable to eat and drink at too hot a temperature

Overheated foods and drinks can burn your lips so that the color of the lips will turn dark. Therefore, make sure your food or drink is at a temperature that you can enjoy comfortably.

Similarly, some ways to redden lips and tips on how to maintain his health. Get beautiful lips that captivate as you want in a healthy and natural way.