Protein is one of the nutrients that our body needs to get enough, but do ever know that over protein will make you get another problems?

Yes, every day we need about 50 - 75 grams of protein. But often, the amount of food we eat makes us get over protein.

Then, you know what does happen if our body is over protein? 

Here are five impacts, as quoted from the Lifehack page.

1. Over Weight

one sign that you have too much protein is you get more weight than you want. You need to know that over weight will make you get negative effects.

2. Kidney Problems

Another sign of you have too much protein is a problem in the kidneys. the amount of protein you eat will make the kidneys work harder and more tense than usual.

3. Dehydration

If you have too much protein, then the kidneys will also spend more urine which certainly requires more water and can cause serious dehydration, especially if you also don't drink much water.

4. Heart Problems

Consuming too much protein can lead to cardiovascular disease. considering the source of animal protein derived from meat has saturated fat content.

5. Body Deficiency Calcium

If you have too much protein will make the body release calcium to the bones, because the protein will be more difficult to digest without calcium.