Many dieticians say that fruit juice is the fastest way to lose weight. Although there are many discussions about sugar and calories in it, but most concluded that fruit juice can be used as one dish to make the body energized and nutritious without having to get the calories that cause excess weight.

Many of the celebrities and dietitians abroad like the combination of fruit and vegetable juices because these two preparations are believed to reduce the pounds of fat in the body, even can make the body has a proportional shape and slim. You may be able to buy juice in stores or stalls, but usually the seller has added various compositions containing sugar. Therefore, making your own juice is the right choice.

There are many different juices to lose weight that you can try yourself at home. Some of them even nice We get because they plants thrive in the tropical land like Indonesia. Maybe you just need to look for it in the market, as well as preparing the equipment in the form of a blender and a little extra composition to make it delicious, like honey and ice. Here are the Various Juices to Lose Weight:

  • Grapefruit

According to the co-writer of The Juice Cleanse Reset Diet, Kenyon-Farley mentioned that grapefruit juice can speed up metabolic rate and make the hunger disappear, so fat burning can be quicker. For those of you who want to buy or make grapefruit juice, make sure that the ingredients there is no added sugar, because it can cause the diet to fail.

  • Cabbage

Cabbage or kale is studied to contain a lot of good nutrition for the body. Cabbage is also believed to increase body energy and eliminate hunger without having to add fat. Cabbage also contains vitamin B complex that can increase the energy in high numbers.

  • Celery

One of these vegetables may look simple and small, but the nutritional content was able to help the body lose weight. If you consume celery juice after exercise can be a perfect intake of natural organic sodium for the body. The sodium studied can replace electrolytes for your body previously lost with sweat due to exercise.

  • Cucumber

Various juices to lose weight next is the fruit call cucumber. According to Kenyon-Farley, cucumber not only has a refreshing water content, but is also a natural diuretic ingredient that is perfect for increasing energy for the body.

  • Watermelon

When you are doing a diet program by exercising, of course you may experience a name of cramping or pain and pain in all parts of the muscle. Here watermelon juice with amino acid content studied by Journal of Agricultur and Food Chemistry can reduce muscle pain. The study was tested on athletes' group.

  • Coconut water

The next raw material that you can make weight loss juice is coconut water. The water contained in the coconut is studied to increase metabolism and act as a diuretic. In addition, it also tastes delicious and other nutritional content to make coconut water is very good for health. For you who want to buy coconut juice, please make sure the composition. Avoid coconut juice with sugar or coconut milk.

  • Spinach

Spinach vegetables contain a lot of good nutrition for the body. Among those that can help you lose weight are vitamins A, B, C, E and K. In addition, spinach also contains potassium and iron. With its good content, spinach is studied to help the body digest food, so that pre-diet detox can work well.

  • Carrot

The last fruit juice that you can make a drink to lose weight is carrot. As we all know, carrot contain antioxidants and diochemicals that can help the body regulate blood sugar. Simultaneously, carrot can also increase energy for the body without having to consume calories or sugar.

The conclusion of eight different juices to lose weight above seems to be more than enough for you to start a diet program. What you think about all this time, the food is not delicious or heavy exercise is actually just a fear. You can still consume delicious foods and drinks while on a diet. The difference, all of it is designed with excellent nutrition for the body.