Pomegranate has been used as medication to cure diarrhea and other digestive disorders which is has beautiful red color. Because of it has nutritional benefits, the researchers classified pomegranates as superfruit.

If the white pomegranate is believed to be nutritious, the red pomegranate is rich in antioxidant content. Many people consume it and also have been packaged in juice.

Her are super benefits of pomegranate fruit:

1. Overcoming aging

Want to stay young? It's good to consume pomegranates. This fruit turned out to contain compounds that serve to prevent premature aging. Pomegranate juice that is used as a treatment material can also help slow the aging process, reduce wrinkles, and reduce the fine lines due to UV light.

2. Treating acne

Pomegranate is rich in vitamin C. It has control to the oil production on the face. To treat acne using a pomegranate is easy. First puree the pomegranate until tender. Then apply on face to become like a mask. Allow to wait until dry then rinse with water. By applying on face as mask, this pomegranate will shrink acne as well as disguise acne scars on your skin. Use this pomegranate mask regularly.

3. Controlling weight

Pomegranate contains antioxidants that can help control weight. So it will be more stable consume pomegranates in the diet rule. Therefore, pomegranates are very effective weight loss. So, it's impossible to weight gain cause consuming pomegranate.

4. Avoiding anemia

Eating pomegranates regularly can also help prevent anemia. This is because the iron content contained in the pomegranate is able to control blood flow and reduce the symptoms of anemia including fatigue, dizziness, weakness, and hearing loss. Improve immunity

Pomegranate is one of the fruits that contain about 15 percent vitamin C from daily requirement. Vitamin C is very important to maintain a healthy body and boost the immune system. If you eat pomegranate on a regular basis can help boost immunity to the maximum.

5. Combating Worms

Perhaps this is often the case in children. Pomegranates has many advantages to prevent this situation. Make pomegranate juice with carrot juice. Each half a glass, stirring it and drink regularly

6. Maintain heart health

Based on research done in 2005 by 45 patients with coronary heart disease showed that pomegranate juice consumed every day for three months can speed up blood flow to heart. The risk of heart disease will be lower.