Did you know that detoxification is a body process that is also beneficial to lose weight? Because detox will release toxins that broke the digestive health and remove harmful fats in some parts of the body.

To speed up the detox process as well as fat decay, you need help with detox food or beverages. An example is cucumber juice. According to research quoted from boldsky.com, drinking cucumber juice every night in addition to useful to get rid of toxins is also useful for removing fat in the stomach.

You are interested in making it? Here is a recipe of this healthy cucumber juice.

1 cucumber
1/2 melon, squeeze
1 tsp parsley
1/3 of drinking water

How to make:
Peel the cucumber and remove the seeds, then cut into pieces.
After all the ingredients are ready, then blend it all to be one and drinks every night.

The Fat in the stomach can be one of the causes to diabetes. For that you must get rid of it by trying to consume drinks on a regular basis. In addition, together with activities or sports that can burn belly fat like sit up.