Green tea has many benefits for your health. Starting from the high content of antioxidants, has the ability to break down fat, to be able to prevent the threat of cancer.

Although healthy, there are certain times where you should not drink a cup of green tea. In what time is it? 

Here are the time do not drink the green tea:

When The Stomach Is Empty
You are forbidden to drink green tea when the stomach is empty because it can cause indigestion.

After Lunch
The habit of drinking green tea after a meal should not do. The reason green tea will affect the absorption of nutrients that are happening.

At Night
You are also forbidden to drink tea at night, especially if you will sleep. Because the content of caffeine in it can keep you awake so you will have difficulty sleeping.

After all we also should not drink more than 2 cups of green tea per day because it can cause toxicity in the body and affect our liver health.