Unpredictable weather, fatigue, lack of sleep, irregular eating became some cause of someone suffering from colds. When the condition of the body is disturbed you may directly drink the medicine to get well soon.

In fact, there are many natural ingredients that exist in your house to overcome the cold. In addition easy to get it, it also easy to use it.

Well, here are the ingredients use to healing cold naturally that quoted from various sources.

1. Onion 
When you catch a cold, you can take 5 cloves of onion, shredded, then mixed with water whiting. Stir well, and rubbed on stomach, back and legs.

2. Ginger
Enter the ginger, greater galingale and cardamom in 400 cc boiling water. Boil it, let until the water is reduced a half and drink.

3. Papaya Leaf Boiled
Papaya leaf Boiled can help eliminate colds. But you can also consume the leaves by cook it to be food as vegetable.

4. Honey and Lemon
Mix one table spoon of honey and enter lemon juice into a cup of warm tea. Vitamin C in lemon fruit will help increase body's energy and honey will help improve the immune system.