Difficult to wake up in the morning is often makes us rush because it's make too late to go to school, college and work, even though it has been used alarm.

Although the alarm has sounded, sometimes some people even turn off their alarm and go back to sleep. So how to effectively get up early, even without alarm?

Here are some ways to wake up without an alarm that you can do, as quoted from page Ayo Mikir from Vidio.com, Friday, (4/8/17).

1. Find the Light

Melatonin is a hormone that the brain produces as a key to the regularity of sleep according to the clock. When dark the body produces melatonin to make sleepy, and when light melatonin production decreases.

So in order to wake up early and not sleep again, look for light. Or make sure there is light coming into the room when the morning comes to reduce melatonin production.

2. Cold Water Shower

Research shows, a cold shower can activate a particular brain part that is in charge of vigilance. Other studies have also found that cold water can increase metabolism.

3. Drinking

Sixty percent of the human body consists of water. When we sleep the body will sweat, and can make the body lack water so dehydration.

While dehydration decreases alertness, concentration and fatigue. So it's best after we wake up drinking a glass of water to replace lost body fluids and to give freshness.

4. Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast can make the concentration increase. But when breakfast contains high sugar, concentration will decrease so fast.

Therefore, choose a breakfast that contains lots of fiber and carbohydrates, such as oats. Our concentration will last longer.

5. Exercise in the morning

An active child is shown to have a higher value than an inactive child. Exercise in the morning makes the ability to think increased and launched blood circulation. This allows the brain to obtain oxygen well.

In addition, the part of the brain called hippocamus that serves to learn and remember will be very active when we exercise.