Apples are one kind of fruits that can be consumed in various ways such as juiced, dried, as an extra ingredient to make a cake, or eaten directly. It turns out to have so many health benefits for the body.

Yes, for you who are lazy to eat fruit, you should be aware that eating healthy foods such as apples is not just make full. In addition to full the body with nutritions, apples are also highly recommended for you who are dieting.

More than two benefits above, here are five other benefits of apples for your body's health, quoted from various sources.

1. Get Enough The Body Nutrition

Apples are contain of many fibers and vitamin C, a cup of apple turns out enough the body's need of daily for fruits.

2. Lower Cholesterol

A research said a woman who consumes a cup of dried apples regularly can lower the risk of heart disease and Cholesterol, and help you to lose weight.

3. Reduce the Risk of Death

Many researches says that apple can improve heart health and those who consume apples have a lower risk of dying with heart disease.

4. Lowering the Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

Those who regularly eat apples have a lower risk of having metabolic syndrome such as increased blood pressure, sugar and over weight.

5. Increase Body Resistance

Eating apples can help increase body power and expedite oxygen ways to the lungs.