Reading is one way to getting smart. In addition, reading will make the brain developing so fast.

But there are still many benefits gained from reading. Here are some other benefits for people who routinely read for a few minutes each day, in the Prevention page, Tuesday (1/8/2017).

1. Reading Fiction Helps Us Understand Others Better

"If you read a book about genetics, you will learn about genes, but if you read fiction, you can learn about yourself and others," says Keith Oatley, PhD, professor emeritus cognitive psychology at the University of Toronto, novelist and writer Such Stuff As Dreams: The Psychology of Fiction.

2. Books Give Joy

Previous research says, life experiences provide more happiness than matter.

But according to the Prevention page, a recent study published in the journal The Journal of Comsumer Psychology suggests, products that contain life stories, such as books, can also provide full of happiness.

3. Reading Eliminate Stress

Researchers from the University of Sussex revealed, reading eliminates stress better than listening to music or enjoy tea that can only eliminate stress as much as 68 percent.