Greek yogurt is one of many types of yogurt. It has more benefits than the other yogurt type. Especially the texture, the nutrition in greek yogurt is also different. Probiotic properties and high protein content are some of the different.

Boldsky launches on Sunday (12/2/2017) about three benefits of greek yogurt for healthy:

1. Prevent dementia

Greek yoghurt is rich of vitamin B12 as an important role in improving the nervous system and brain cells. Consuming greek yogurt can also prevent illness or cognitive problems like depression and dementia

2. Increase muscle growth

We need to know that in 100 grams of greek yogurt there are nine grams of protein. It's means greek yogurt has the advantage to help muscle growth and fight fat growth.

3. Great Food For Digestion

Like other yoghurt, greek yogurt also great to your digestion. Consuming greek yogurt regularly can protect your intestines and digestion from toxins and bad bacteria.